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Poems of Life

A local poet shares his writings based on real life.

A new jazz/beat poem…

December 22nd, 2013 at 2:57 pm by Ed Corrigan
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my funny valentine

Miles’ horn blows
thru my head
down to my toes
down baby down
i need to blow
my bleeding nose
a red note bleeding
a smile with my heart
she just tore me apart
don’t know myself no more
what goes around comes around
my heart in lost and found.

Coltrane blow that sax
ride the rhythm
sweet and blue
way beyond blue
cool man cooool
big daddy you
really got ahold on me.

all the while Miles riffs
shake that thing
Miles blow my mind
takes me way out beyond
the ocean’s waves
he starts the newest craze
crazy for Josephine
know what i mean?
blow baby blow
horn aphonic sound
lost and found
sweet comic valentine
be mine all mine.

all in a sweet cool stream
don’t wake me
from this dream
stay little valentine, stay…
dreaming the blues away.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2013
All rights reserved


September 2nd, 2013 at 8:34 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Keeper of the Fire

Boom boom wacka boom
The drums are calling us home
Your diaspora
My diaspora
Our diaspora
Your African queen
My Celtic dream…
Brighid, daughter of Dagda,
Keens for us all.


Families were scattered
By the oppressive winds
Those who hate
Ground us under
Tore us asunder
We became free, unchained
The colonialists guilty, Judas stained.

Boom wacka wacka boom boom
The drums are calling us home
The queen longs for
The Keeper of the Fire
Dance Dance Dance
For joy
For home
For love
One love.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2013
All rights reserved

Thinking of lost friends…

July 21st, 2013 at 4:43 pm by Ed Corrigan
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In Remembering Class Mates

We’re so great
We’re so fine
We’re the class
0f ‘sixty nine…
And then
There were eighty eight

We grew as petals
Of a rose
Open, succulent
Firm to the wind
Gathering moisture
Of dew drops early morn
So bright, so vibrant
Powered by our own spirits
Unafraid, unapologetic
Unharmed by storms
Passing through our innocence
We loved each other
As brother to brother
Sometimes laughing
Sometimes cruel
Never wanting to cut
A permanent scar
Upon youth’s bold face
We laughed at life’s
Absurd passion for seriousness
We were children at heart
So why not?

The petals are falling
One by one by one
Life’s innocence all come undone
What happened?
Was it worth it?
All the joy, sorrow and pain
Our own disdain
Creating chaos along the way
As if to say
We don’t really know any better
Oh to be young once more…
Life winds down before these eyes
Of fading color, hazel blue no more
Were we really who we thought we were?
The cold wind blows
The petals fall slowly, gently
Firm and moist no more
What was it all really for?

We fall as petals from a rose
Gathering round the foot of the thorn
One by one by one
Come big wind, come finally
Take the last of the ninety four
All together once more
The final reunion
It will be good to see you again, my friend.

Copyright © Ed Corrigan 2013
All rights reserved

To honor our brave soldiers and their families.

May 24th, 2013 at 9:45 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Leaving the Family Behind

The very roots are torn from the tree.
The soldier must soldier on with heart,
mind and soul 9,000 miles away.
The very roots are torn from the tree.
While families left behind live a daily
palpable drama hoping to avoid the tragedy
of the reaper rapping the death knell knock.
Knock Knock, “Good day. We are the ones who stay
behind to comfort the dying for the dead. Here to
soak up the endless tears from eyes without lids.
Eyes staring blindly hoping this cannot be
really happening – please just not today.”
The family remains, the tree withers and
sheds its leaves blowing in the cold west wind.

Sergeant, I see the tears in your eyes beneath your
glasses wire rimmed, while holding young wife and child
in your arms so tender, in your camouflaged fatigues
and dusty combat boots. Suited up for war then packed
into a gutted flying machine like a thousand sardines.
Seated next to your brothers and sisters – comrades in arms.
No one is speaking as if words will only bring a suffocated
choking response and life would never again be the same.

The very roots are torn from the tree. Let us
nurture the fragmented ones left behind. So that:
Their pain becomes our pain; their joy becomes our joy;
Their lives become our lives; their love becomes our love.
One love…

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2010
All rights reserved

Cloud Shadows

April 21st, 2013 at 8:40 pm by Ed Corrigan
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I saw cloud shadows
Atop rolling hills
Dusty green and hazy
In the mid-day sun

Cruising straight ahead
On a never ending road
I sit and see
Life passing by me

Cloud after cloud
Shadow after shadow
A feeling of uneasiness
Rises and fades away

The mind misses the train
White cloud misses the rain
All the while does not explain
The scissors in my brain
How can I live without you?

Cloud shadow floats still
Painting the good farmer’s hill
Where all good children return
To love To play To cry
Under radiant steel blue sky

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2013
All rights reserved

I was thinking of isolation

April 13th, 2013 at 9:57 pm by Ed Corrigan
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here we live
in silos
of our own making
undertaking to
keep us warm
safe from harm
from coming undone
silos taller than we
i cannot see you
you cannot see me
how safe can one
really be

next door is an ICBM
door next is a long lost friend
whom i hope to see again

there is no sunshine
no sublime
no love
no holding hands
built on our fears
brick by brick
a thousand feet thick
we are beyond reach

is my reality
so separate from yours
only two doors down
we can’t even talk
or touch
the tips of our fingers
and life lingers in
a forbidden zone state

it’s never too late
to tear down the walls
within and between our souls

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2013
All rights reserved

Row After Row

March 3rd, 2013 at 4:56 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Row after row
The undertow
Pulling me out to sea
A dead man’s float
One man’s hope
Is not to be.

Row after row
Tan square little
Pill boxes simple, plain
Nothing in between
One green house with
Shutters, a single spire
A few flowers are seen
Here and there
Blowing in the wind
A broken gate
Swinging, creaking.

Row after row
Plate glass window
Ancient mothers’ children
Propped up, prone in bed
Some hanging head
All plugged in
Tubing intravenous
Sustenance losing ground
Clear blue sky
A single white cloud
No rain, no rainbows
I walk on idly by
To hospice, cathedral, Amen.

Row after row after row
A gust of wind
Dries the throat, the eyes
Silently whispering good byes
Row after row after row
Unflappable stone heads
Not bending to the wind
The roses, the grass
Lean in
And brush my soul
The thistle and the tomb.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2013
All rights reserved


February 2nd, 2013 at 9:45 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Listen to the music
Listen to the sound
Turn off your thoughts
Tune in turn on
Gather round
Miles Davis is calling you
Gather round
Listen to the sound

Tiga Tiga boom boom
Tiga tiga twiddly mac twat
Tweet tweet twat
Bang a dong
Never ever, never ever mind
So what
The song
Bang a dong
Free me baby, free
So what
Give it to me
The beat, the beat
The unintended
Syncopated beat
On the street
Off my feet
Down the street
Moves on
No song
No memory
No intentions
An uninterrupted stream
A stream of consciousness
Beat beat beat
Searching a rhyme
A rhyme divine
Searching for a mind
No clash
A movement
From my head
To my heart
To and fro
Sway and fro
Brain and soul
A rhythm
A non rhythm
Bang those strings
Bang those skins
Bang a dong
Rough rough roughillicious
I am all
Tongue tied twisted
Beat up inside
King Kong and his bride
His lily white
Princess bride
Whitey tighty twiddly diddly twat
Searching for a string of notes
A parade of floats
Blue blue aqua velvet green
What a scene
A parade of boats
Rocking, rollicking bouncing
The wavy undulating heat
Strike those strings
Zizzy zizzy bingaling
And that horn
Blare blare mocaholic sound
Beat beat
Blow baby down
To the ground
A ground zerooooooo
You are the one
You are the one
Be mine every
Be mine in
And every
Baby, it’s so good
For what ails you
Move body, mind
Heart, soul
The beat goes on
In a song
Without a song
Bang a dong
Within your mind
Oh baby be mine
All you need is
Love Love Love
Beat Beat Beat
All the time
Loony toony
Tripper-cerrific rhyme
Be mine
Be my
Ffff fade away baby…

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

christmas dreams

December 25th, 2012 at 11:50 am by Ed Corrigan
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there was a fluttering
of birds…
must have heard
the word
in my head
bird, bird, bird
bird is the word…
they took off flying
floating, circling
futa futa fluta fluta flappity flap
going nowhere then
back to ground again.
where are dey going
this rainy christmas eve?
flutter flutter
zippity do da
zippity ay
then dey
back home again.

if we could only but
stay in this moment
in a bird brain trance
we could be
we could be
in this christmas of dreams
outside our own thoughts
circling circling circling then…
back home again
with omega the cat
who looks into my eyes
where have you been?
flying with the birdies
my fine feathered friends?

then back to me
my present,
time to close these eyes
and sleep again.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

Lost Friend (remembering Newtown)

December 21st, 2012 at 11:31 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Watching and waiting
For a friend to play with
Why have I been alone so long?

The masked man came to school today
He took my best friend Johnnie away
Mommy oh mommy when will Johnnie
Come to play?

The masked man said
“It’s your turn”
Then boom Johnnie’s face blew away
And all that’s left
Is his blood on my socks.

Mommy oh mommy
The blood won’t come off
my socks so white
this morning… before…
I don’t understand.
Can I keep the socks red?
They will remember my best friend
Who won’t be over today.
Tomorrow or ever again
How does this happen?

Son, he is in your heart
Your love will never fade away.

Soon you will see me
‘Cause I’ll be all around you
But where i come from
I can’t tell.

The masked man said
It was my turn to play
Then click click no boom
And the game was done
The masked man left the room
Then boom all gone
Leaving me with the others
Who were already gone
And Johnnie at my feet
And no more song.

I don’t know…

I feel so lost and alone
Even when I’m home
I’m all empty inside
My heart has an ache –
It feels dried up, shrunk
I want to be with my best friend
And laugh again
It will never be the same.

Watching and waiting
For someone to understand me
I hope it won’t be very long…

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

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