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Poems of Life

A local poet shares his writings based on real life.

Through the Darkness of My Memory

December 8th, 2012 at 2:12 pm by Ed Corrigan
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I am always returning to the past
It passes me by
And I’m left standing
In the middle of nowhere
Is it love?
Love we are searching for
In the deepest recesses of our minds
Between the cracks of our own existence?
We look toward beginnings
In the loving womb
The warmest, softest, wettest room
To the beginning of the end

Open my mind
To the truth that so painfully
Stares back
Through dilated, mutated, shredded, stoned out eyes
It is mine own truth
That scares me back into
The self-created hell of convenient infliction

Love is so easy
It defies gravity
Love is real
Real is love
Love is feeling
Feeling love
Love is wanting
To be loved

Back to the womb
Of all mothers subsistence
Before words got in the way
Of what?
No words to describe the
Ultimate peace within
The all-around soothing sound
Of waters embryonic
Return me to the emptiness
Of space
Floating, cruising the unknown
Happy to be there?
I just don’t know
Or can’t say
As my words are yet to be invented
Words will soon cloud
New horizons
Revolving, swirling, screaming
The chorus
Of my fragmented soul.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

Stand of Birch

November 22nd, 2012 at 9:06 pm by Ed Corrigan
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The Stand of Birch
Protector of dark
Secrets inside
Halos of fairy dust
Tinker Bell tracers
Castle like spires
A cloud gate
You must pass thru us
We will wash your
Then push you on
Into dark forest
All experience and imagination
We will cleanse your soul
For your trip
Upon a path of no return
A shining cloud gate
Sparkling souls
Remnants of rusting leaves
Shuddering in the wind
Clinging like loose buttons
To a threadbare thread
Silver shadows with
Barely hanging ornaments
On bones so white
So straight
As not to bend
To your will
We will cleanse your being
As you walk and breathe
Air, dust, cloudy steam
A world beyond
Blinded minds
In our timbre of existence

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

black bird

October 7th, 2012 at 7:07 pm by Ed Corrigan
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black bird cruising
grapes of wrath
purple delicious
yum yum
fly to the sun
mountain mist
in the distance
glaciers overlooking
warm earth
farmers hoeing
row after row
green luscious
rolling orderly
soldier fields.
sun squirt
left eye.
the birdman
sees all
that moves
makes him whole
black bird soul
fly with me
die with me
to the moon
over the frozen
sacred glacial ground.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

I Am The Eggman

September 22nd, 2012 at 6:31 pm by Ed Corrigan
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The chickens of the ages
stuffed into stifling cages
barreling down
devil’s highway
on a path of no return…
hunting, scratching, pecking
awaiting the butcher
for the chopping
of the head.
I see your eyes
frantically flicking,
do you feel like i do
tearing up, fearing up
filled with dread.

Hey mama hen
where have you been
i need you
did they already feed you
to the maker of the bread.

Choking up
drowning on the tear inside
i can’t run
i can’t hide
for the butcher man cometh
to taketh a meal
for his ravenous bride.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

Going Home / Poem by Ed Corrigan

July 22nd, 2012 at 4:38 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Going Home

Floating thru the Palouse
Over field
Open ground
Rolling desert Spring infested hills
Gold, green, gray
Silos popping up
Water spraying
The gathering dust storm
Clinging to vines, leaves, roots
Trippy thunderen tornado
Life defying moonscaped scene.
Birds abound, hawk
Posing atop post in ground
Who who who are you?
Staring me down
Where have you been
My rhetorical friend?
Wink wink snort.

White clouds
Little white cloud
Spread lotus top of mound
Puff puff
No rain today signora.
Streaming towards higher hills
Filled with a thousand crucifix
Turning spinning around
Mankind impaled on blades
So sharp so sound
Until spun off
To earth
To space
Gravity pulled
Splat to ground.

Warning – go no further
You who are entering
The city of spirits
The son of man has found.

Going home, going home…

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

More thoughts on nuclear war

June 23rd, 2012 at 3:12 pm by Ed Corrigan
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The End

The atomic storm descended
From the heavens offended
Then took our breath away.
It stole the leaves
From the trees.
It tore the trees
From their roots.
The storm sucked the roots
From the soil
And left the land
Deserted, bone dry, charred.
The fire filched the fish
From the river
And severed the river
From the sea.
The sea remains
As do I
To chew the sinew,
To siphon the marrow
From our bones
To be tossed upon
The pyretic heap
Warming us this night,
‘Til the morning keep.

This is the end my friend.
Dear Lord, deliver us from evil,

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2011
All rights reserved

Two Men Having a Street Fight On 1ST Avenue

March 25th, 2012 at 1:28 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Haiku, haiku!
Jumping up and down
I hate you
I am not you
you peasant
stepping on my
Mind over matter
this is the matter
I am not you
I am not you!

Oh you of
Asian persuasion
we are one
we are won ton
of the universe
You speak
I do not listen
You speak
I hear
but do not listen
a screamy maniacal
magical wizard
The time for
decision has come
we are one
we are won ton
of the universe
Can you
-hear me
-see me
-be me?
in this
soupy existence?
Living with and
without you
with and
My mind is
slate blank.

You, you!
must go to heaven
go to hell
just go up there
away from me
no submission
I am not you
I will not have you
I can taste you
and it is bitter
Jumping up and down
and out of here!


Copyright © ed Corrigan 2012
All rights reserved

To Celebrate Black History Month

February 18th, 2012 at 2:53 pm by Ed Corrigan
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An Unfinished Work

Abraham, oh Abraham
Paradox of a man
Wherefore art thou,
Oh Abraham?

Who will lead us from our wanton ways?
Who, this day, will summon
The better angels of our nature?
Who, this day, shall set us free?

After more than one half million vessels
Having spilt their full content,
Having consecrated battle fields of green,
Having nobly advanced a new
birth of freedom,
Having secured the bonded-man’s dream…

And, yet, the gulf remains.

A chasm of racism divides
Brother against brother,
Sister against sister,
A house divided cannot stand.
More than one half million vessels slain,
As the woe due to those
By whom the offence came.
Multitudes paid the ultimate price
In purchase of the national stain…

And, yet, the gulf remains.

Through the mystic chords of memory
Abraham speaks to us the living,
Let us strive to finish the work we are in;
To bind the nations wounds
With malice towards none
With charity for all
In order to form a more perfect union.

Let us seek God’s sacred grace.
Our blood hath runneth together
Blending brothers and sisters,
In the mystic river of sorrow and hope.

Almighty God, we beseech thee,
Let us be as one.

Copyright © Ed Corrigan 2010
All Rights Reserved
Italic quotes –
Abraham Lincoln 1860’s

A little poem for our beautiful grandson, Liam

December 18th, 2011 at 1:00 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Christmas’s To Come

Now I lay me down to sleep
A sometimes kind
A sometimes wicked
Soul for Saint Nick to keep
Under his wing
Then leave under the tree
For grandson Liam
To have a peek
To give a nod
And a wink,
Perhaps a smile
For his old grandad
Who received so much
And gave so little.
I bequeath freely
A gift of life
A gift of love
A gift of Irish angels
Watching over Liam
From heaven above.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2011
All rights reserved

Rembering Black Friday 2011

November 27th, 2011 at 6:14 pm by Ed Corrigan
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Occupy Mall Movement

The good soldiers go marching on
from dusk until dawn
answering a call to war
“We want more and more and more.”
A war cry heard from
Wall Street to Main Street
and only the strong survive
a relentless debit/credit tide.
One soldier is down
on aisle number five
a Target driven broken heart.
Step over, fly forward
Onward Christian soldiers
God is on our side.
Flank left, flank right
keep up the good fight.
We must:
Ex womb
a hidden treasure
the source of our pleasure.
Pepper spray those
who dare obfuscate
the discounted
American dream.

Copyright © ed Corrigan 2011
All rights reserved

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